Monday, September 15, 2008


Well.....I fought the war, but the war won!!

I remained anti BLOG for as long as I could - like I need more to do **sigh** but my beloved customers and friends have been on my back for months to create one.  "You always have something to say or to teach and you always find the most fabulous and unusual things, put it out there for everyone else to see and read".  My response was always "I talk too much and I have researched for ages to find something like this, why should I share" HA HA!!

Anyway, we'll see how it goes but HELLO to all and welcome to the ITCH DESIGN :: SUPER BLOG!!

More tomorrow......maybe ;)

1 comment:

3 Little Fish said... knew I would write something!! I love your blog!! Great read..I need some of those plates..the kids might actually EAT thier food!! Your designs are FUNKY..keep up the GREAT work!!