Sunday, October 11, 2009

Good Memories

I just found these pictures of my daughters 2nd birthday cake and it bought back good memories so I thought I would share with you LOL. The second novelty cake I have ever made in my life and my big idea was to give her her own personalised Louis Vuitton Handbag (in the edible form).

It took me about 6 hours - I had to bake two cakes and stick them together vertically (which was not easy) and then took FOREVER to decorate colouring the icings and painting gold accessories cutting out all the letters and flowers and stuff and doing all the little cuts for the stitching etc LOL I also remember my family all came to visit and all the men were out on the breezeway having a few drinks and I was just inside the door in the kitchen. When I said what I wanted to do they all laughed (especially my brother in law) and said I couldnt do it - I was in there creating and baking and cutting and painting and they would come in intermittently to use the bathroom (damn beer) at first I got smirks on faces saying "ha ha hows it going" "what the hell are you doing" "what is that supposed to be" etc etc and as it took shape the smirks turned to surprise as they saw how good it was turning out ;)

Sorry long story and probably bored you but it was fun to remember and share a fun memory with you.......

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Amanda said...

That cake is fantastic!!!! I am making a novelty cake for my daughters b'day (not exactly sure what yet this year) but I hope mine turns out as good as yours did.